The Marquillas

In the marquilla appeared the name of the industry with texts referring to the qualities and awards of the factory in question. The commercial value was the purpose of it. For example: "The Honesty…Suppliers of the Royal Residence of Spain from their Majesties the King and Queen of Portugal…” The illustration always appears surrounded by allegories, according with the series title.

Regarding how the marquillas were printed, it is important to point out that this was a complex process. In 1876, this process was described by a North American (Samuel Hazard), who visited "La Honradez” Factory, which marquillas are considered one of the most colourful and famous.

The first printings of marquilla in Cuba were made using the lithographic technique that was brought in Cuba in 1822. For this, craftsmen drawn by hand on fine limestone. By the second half of the 19 Century there already was a magneto-electric machine in the island, as such visitor highlighted, created by a French. This machine was awarded in several universal exhibitions. Then, this electric machine was considered very sophisticated for the art of engraving and it allowed that the artist could print his/her own style.

This was not achieved with the lithographic engraving. The American, in his visit, was impressed by the amount and variety of the drawings printed. Exactly from 2 thousand to 3 thousand in that factory.