Vegas Robaina Cigars

This trademark takes its name from one of the best Cuban tobacco harvesters, Don Alejandro Robaina, who comes from a planters family established during the middle of last century in the region of San Luis, by the perimeter of Cuchillas de Barbacoa.

In this place are the best fine plantations of Vuelta Abajo. Alejandro Robaina Pereda was born on March the 20th, 1919, in the municipality of Alquízar.

When he was about 4 years old he moved in to the country residence El Pinar, in Barbacoa, a municipality of San Luis. His studies were minimum, and very early he began to work next to his father, in the tobacco sowing.

Vegas Robaina Cigars He is considered one of the best tobacco producers in Cuba, due to his accumulated experience and the excellent results he have achieved. Robaina has reached the highest aspiration of a planter: to identify a tobacco trademark with the last name of his family.

He is the only one who has obtained such thing in lifetime. The trademark appeared with the name of Vegas Robaina on June the 7th 1997, and it's the third launch made by Cuba after the triumph of the Revolution.

At the present time Robaina keeps working in the tobacco production. His cigars are elaborated in the H. Upmann factory by the most skilful cigarmakers.