Sancho Panza

This cigar brand was registered for first time in 1848 by Don Emilio Ohsmsted. Afterwards, in the 80's of the 19th century, after the decease of the latter, the factory was bought by Ramón Allones and H. Upmann, who kept their habilitation and traditional quality. In 1940, the brand  was registered under the name Rey del Mundo Cigar Co.

It is a cigar of a rather strong and dark character, of a great quality and extraordinary presence; it's elaborated with leaves from Vuelta Abajo (Pinar del Rio).

Sancho PanzaThe Sancho Panza cigars have a darker wrapper and the texture is thinner compared to other cigars, as a result of a longer process of maturing the leaves.

This brand is mainly commercialized in Spain, the Caribbean, Canada, Mexico, Africa, Middle East, Swiss, and the Far East.