Quai D'orsai Cigars

This brand was created in the 70's, in the last century by the French multinational enterprise SEITA. It's named after the Avenue D'orsay, in Paris, where are placed the headquarters of the Ministry of Domestic Affairs, the main office of the firm and the museum Gare D'orsay.

Quai D'orsay is a property of Cubatabaco, who bought it from SEITA alter twenty years as its only owner. Its tobacco is from Vuelta Abajo,(Pinar del Rio) and it is a brand directed mainly to the French market.

Quai D'orsai Cigars In its manufacture are used there is a tendency to use light color in the wrap, they have a nice color of a mid strength a consistent texture and good combustion, common characteristics for a product of its quality.

Beside France it is also commercialized in Canada, the Caribbean, Africa and the Middle East.