Punch Cigars

The proprietary Don Manuel Lopez founded the cigar trademark Punch on 1840, whose name was inspired by a famous English satirical magazine at that time. Punch is the third oldest trademark in Havana; the other two created previously are Por Larrañaga, founded on 1834, and Ramon Allones, founded on 1837.

In 1930, Punch trademark was acquired by Ramon Fernandez and Fernando Palicio, who owned it until 1959, when it was nationalized.

Both of them were also owners of Hoyo de Monterrey, La Escepción and La Belinda.

All trademarks in this company were handmade in the factory located at Monte and Zulueta Streets, Havana. Punch was a great success, mainly in Great Britain, where Winston Churchill himself visited the factory during a trip to Punch Cigars Havana. The British politician, who was an inveterate cigar smoker, was honored with the name of the vitola Churchill. At the present time, Punch appears among the best quality and presentation habanos.

Punch trademark is slightly stronger than Hoyo de Monterrey; its vitolas admit any wrapper color, but in the British market they tend to be red (a matter of preferences), that's why it has a very neat reddish brown tone.

The origin of its tobacco is Vuelta Abajo (Pinar del Río) and the trademark is slightly strong.

Punch is commercialized mainly in Hong Kong, Argentina, Brazil, the Caribbean, Benelux, Mexico, Canada, Switzerland, Africa, Middle East and Great Britain.