Flor de Cano Cigars

This brand was created in 1884 by the brothers, Tomás and José Cano Saínz, and it has kept its undeniable quality, which makes it one of the favourite ones and most well known by the expert smokers worldwide.

The factory was located at the beginning at 66 Rayo Street, in Havana. At present, the Flor de Cano Cigars are produced in the factory El Rey del Mundo, at 816 San Carlos Street, where the brand Los Statos de Luxe are also made. The Flor de Cano cigar have a short filling and are made with one leaf of wrapper and another one of capote.

Flor de Cano Cigars The vitolas with cellophane are made mechanically, the others are hand made.

Its cigar comes from Vuelta Abajo

(Pinar del Rio) and it is mainly commercialized in Spain, Argentina, Brazil, the Caribbean, Africa, the Middle East, Canada, and Mexico.