El Rey del Mundo Cigars

In 1848, the Spaniard Antonio Allones settled in Havana, into the tobacco business. Four decades later, in 1882, being already an important tobacconist, he introduced a very special cigar, elaborated with leaves from Vuelta Abajo, Pinar del Río, to which he distinguished with the name of El Rey del Mundo (The King of the World).

Allones transferred his Company to Diaz and Brothers Society, in 1905, which became El Rey del Mundo Cigar Co. afterwards, one of the most prestigious factories in the tobacco industry at the moment: Romeo y Julieta.

El Rey del Mundo Cigars Nowadays El Rey del Mundo appears among the most well-known habanos and coveted by experienced smokers.

El Rey del Mundo cigars are smooth and light, with standard flavor and aroma, and a well balanced strength. They are mainly commercialized in Spain, Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, the Caribbean and Canada.