Cuban Cigar Brands

Cuban Tobacco Bolivar Cigars In 1927, the Spanish industrialist Jose F. Rocha registered a cigar trademark with the name of the liberator Simón Bolivar.

Cohiba cigars The first Cohiba cigars were manufactured under Ernesto Che Guevara's distinction, in the 60's, when he had the position of Minister of Industries, in the newly born revolutionary Cuban government. Che selected the most outstanding specialists in terms of habanos, as Avelino Lara and Eduardo Rivero, from Larrañaga.

El Rey del Mundo Cigars (The King of the World) In 1848, the Spaniard Antonio Allones settled in Havana, into the tobacco business. Four decades later, in 1882, being already an important tobacconist, he introduced a very special cigar, elaborated with leaves from Vuelta Abajo, Pinar del Río, to which he distinguished with the name of El Rey del Mundo (The King of the World).

Flor de Cano Cigars This brand was created in 1884 by the brothers, Tomás and José Cano Saínz, and it has kept its undeniable quality, which makes it one of the favourite ones and most well known by the expert smokers worldwide.

Flor de Rafael González Márquez In 2006, Flor de Rafael González Márquez celebrates its 70th anniversary. Two stories are known about the origin of these cigars. The first one is related to the presence of the Marquis Rafael González in Cuba, who spent his time on tobacco businesses.

Fonseca Cigars The brand Fonseca was registered in Havana in 1907, by the Spanish Francisco Fonseca, whose picture is still reproduced in the boxes' top of these cigars.

H. Upmann Cigars It is one of the most prestigious cigar's brands of all times. Its fame surpassed the expectations and dreams of its creators, the German brothers Hermann and August Hupmann, who established in Havana in 1843.

Hoyo de Monterrey Cigars The trademark Hoyo de Monterrey (Hole of Monterrey) was registered in Cuba in 1867 by the Spaniard Jose Gener, one of the most important barons of the tobacco industry, who acquired his fortune by cigars and sugar cane.

MonteCristo Cigars lmost a century after the publication of the novel The Count of MonteCristo , Alonso Menéndez from Asturias, who already had a cigar business in Cuba, created and registered a trade mark of cigars after the name of the main character of that novel.

Partagás Cigars In 1845, Don Jaime Partagás gave his name to a new cigar brand, the one that achieved celebrity very soon. In that way was opened the Royal Factory of Cigars Partagás.

Por Larrañaga Cigars Por Larrañaga cigars use tobacco leaves coming from Vuelta Abajo (Pinar del Río). Enveloped in a fine cedar lea; they are a true work of art because of their exquisite display.

Punch Cigars Punch is the third oldest trademark in Havana; the other two created previously are Por Larrañaga, founded on 1834, and Ramon Allones, founded on 1837.