Bolivar cigars

Bolivar Cigars In 1927, the Spanish industrialist Jose F. Rocha registered a cigar trademark with the name of the liberator Simón Bolivar.

In 1944, it was acquired by Cifuentes, the firm owning Partagás, and since then it was a member of the group of trademarks produced in that factory. Its tobacco comes from Vuelta Abajo (Pinar del Río) and some wrapper from Havana province. This cigar is distinguished by its character, its strength, somewhere between mid and strong, its nice flavor and its pleasant aroma.

Bolivar Cigars

The Bolivar has dark wrappers with reddish tones. There are over 20 models in the market at the moment. Coronas Gigantes (Churchill) and Inmensas (Lonsdale) stand out and range among the best of this trademark; as much as the Gold Medal (Lonsdale) easily identifiable by the golden wrapper which enfolds half of the cigar.

General Cigars owns the commercial rights of the Bolivar cigars since 1983. They are commercialized in Canada, the Caribbean, Mexico, France, Great Britain, Switzerland, The Far East, Africa and the Middle East.