Tobacco Culture

The place in which the seed-bed will be located must be selected, a place where the seeds will be deposited in optimal conditions for its germination and future development, until they could be transferred to the field.

Seeds remain there for about 40 days. In October starts the growing of the seedling, step by step. The harvesting takes place from 45 up to 80 days after the sowing date. In Cuba a seed-bed form is used, the Cepellon or Floating Tray System. The difference between this system and the traditional one is that its seedlings are healthier and more robust. Its survival rate in the field is over 98 per cent, and has a higher yield per square meter, in addition to the lower production costs. The preparation of the soil for this type of crop must be very careful since suitable conditions must be provided, so that better microbiological environment could be developed; obtain a good mobilization of nutritive elements, as well as the perfect accumulation and conservation of the humidity.

Tobacco sowing requires lots of cares; this process takes place in Cuba between October and January, depending on the tobacco variety to be cultivated. In the case of covered tobacco the date is from October 25th to December 15th. Sun tobacco is sowed from October 15th to January 10th.

Tobacco Culture Fertilization takes place in three different moments, before sowing, 8 or 10 days after sowing, and finally between 18 to 20 days after sowing. For covered tobacco a fabric surrounding the flanks of the area is placed before sowing in order to protect the plants from wind's negative effect. About 10 to 20 days after sowing the ceiling fabric is placed 2.5 meters high, the plant is also tied up, so it does not turn down or fall to the ground.

Another important moment is the elimination of the buds, which consist in suppressing plant's terminal shoots, to provide more vigor to the remaining leaves. From the plant sprouts auxiliary shoots (offspring) which will be eliminated when the process is finished. Several watering and fumigations are applied to the tobacco plant in its agricultural phase.