The reader of the cigar factory

The galley is the clearest and amplest hall at the factory of cigars. There is character in this salon that has become famous, and is already essential when speaking of the making of Cuban cigar: the reader of cigar factory.

El first cigar factory where the reading was established was El Figaro, in Havana, by the end of 19th Century. All the three hundred cigarmakers who worked in the factory decided to choose one of them to read and entertain the others while rolling and cutting the leaves. In order to prevent the reader lose his daily wage, each worker contributed with his corresponding quota to compensate him for the time he spent at this work. The reader of the cigar factory The cigar factory's reader had the important mission to read aloud the newspapers and the novels to the cigarmakers.

Readings at the factories were very appreciated by workers and got to be considered as a social and cultural right. The important role of the reader is showed in its prevalence, even after the appearance of the radio.

Even nowadays, the legendary figure of the cigar factory's reader is maintained in the Cuban galleys.