The Five Tobacco Regions in Cuba

In the far west extreme of Cuba is located Pinar del Río province, a fertile land known as Vuelta Abajo. One of its most outstanding features is that the best black tobacco of the world is cultivated from this soil.

However, in the larger of the Antilles there are other four tobacco regions: Semi Vuelta Abajo, Partidos, Remedios and Oriente. In Vuelta Abajo plantations, especially in San Luis and San Juan regions, are harvested the leaves to elaborate the best cigar of the world: the Habano.

In San Luis are located the plantations of the most famous tobacco cultivator of the island, Don Alejandro Robaina. Vuelta Abajo extends through most of Pinar del Rio province, except its north part which is occupied by the region know as Semi Vuelta.

The lands that obtained the best harvesting results are dedicated to the export productions, most of these lands are placed in a region known as Partido, in Havana province, south the capital and especially in Vuelta Abajo.

Vuelta Abajo The climate and subsoil of this area is ideal for the harvesting of the aromatic plant; the soil is deep and rich in minerals and sand, with an average temperature of 23 Celsius degrees and 65 degrees of humidity.

According to some experts the secret of Vuelta Abajo relies on the fact that "in the crown”, (top point of the tobacco plant), the leaves have a high concentration of nitrate, providing strength, powerful taste and above all strong and well armed structure to those made out of them, qualities that distinguish a good cigar. The climate of this region permits to obtain these unique characteristics.

Although some people have tried, nobody have been able to reproduce these features, nor in Cuba or any other part of the world. Efforts to obtain the strength of the tobacco leaves have been made; they go from using the same seeds of Cuban plants, transporting land from this region up to building special green houses.

The Five Tobacco Regions in CubaSemi Vuelta Abajo is the second tobacco region in Pinar del Río. Its tobacco, of thicker leaves and stronger aroma than the one in Vuelta Abajo, is destined mainly to the national production of cigarettes.

The covered plantations are located in the Partido region, in other words, these plantations are covered with cloth permitting to obtain lighter leaves and with a finest texture, the raw material for export luxury cigars.

The Remedios region occupies almost all the central province of Las Villas; it is one of the richest tobacco regions of Cuba. The leaves of its harvests are thick and aromatic.

Finally, the Oriente region produces the low quality tobacco for the local consumption and to supply the cigarettes industry. It extends to the area of Bayamo, Mayarí, Alto Songo, Jiguaní and Sagua de Tánamo.